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* Coming soon * Ontario Drive Clean E-testing, done at our facility !


Capital Dedicated Logistics is delighted to have our own garage and mechanics on premises.


Located on the adjacent property to our main warehouse and offices, we opened our newly constructed garage in December 2009.

The facilities are large enough to handle repairs to a tractor, a 53' trailer or a 5 ton cube van. But we're not SO large that we can't handle servicing your own personal vehicle on a regular basis. Companies can also employ us to service their fleet vehicles.


Our licensed, courteous, mechanics are dedicated to getting the job done - done right - with the right price!


Who does YOUR regular oil, filter and lube maintenance?  CDL can!

Who can you go to for a vehicle safety certificate? Go to CDL!

Are you in town and need a quick repair to your truck?  Call us! 1-800-235-7732 ext # 4 (ext #8, after hours)

  • Did you break down on the side of the road?
  • Is it a simple fix? We can send our mechanic TO you!
  • Does it need more than road-side service? We can arrange a tow to our garage.

Do you need body-work done? CDL can handle that!


Operating Monday through Friday and weekends by appointment.

Get in touch with Mike by phone (613)831-7475 ext # 5 or email him for more information